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Amends Poem Summary in English & Hindi Free Online

Amends Summary in Hindi PDF
Amends Summary in Hindi

Amends Summary in Hindi: In this article, we will provide all students with a summary of Amends in Hindi. Also, in this article, we will also provide Amends Summary in Hindi for ease of students. Our only goal is to help students prepare for the upcoming exams. We have extracted a summary of all chapters of and have uploaded them in English and Hindi for easy understanding and quick learning. If you have questions regarding the Amends Summary in Hindi please let us know in the comments.

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Amends Summary in Hindi

Students can check below the Amends Summary in Hindi. Students can bookmark this page for future preparation of exams.

ऐसी रातों में सेब के पेड़ की ठंडी डाली पर ऐसा लगता है जैसे पेड़ की छाल से सफेद तारे फूट रहे हों। जमीन पर चांदनी धीरे-धीरे छोटी-छोटी चट्टानों को छूती है।

चांदनी भी बड़े पत्थरों को धीरे से छूती है, और यह समुद्र की लहरों के साथ-साथ उठती है। यह संक्षेप में अपने गाल को किनारे की रेत पर टिकाता है। यह अपनी जीभ को चट्टान के टूटे हुए किनारे से छूता है, चट्टानों पर पानी की तरह दौड़ता है, और ट्रेन की पटरियों पर तेजी से दौड़ता है।

रेत और बजरी खदान द्वारा छोड़े गए घाव में चांदनी अंतहीन रूप से बरसती है, लेकिन कभी नहीं भर सकती। यह खेत पर कीटनाशकों को गिराने के लिए उपयोग किए जाने वाले विमान के रखे हुए ढांचे पर निर्भर करता है।

जहां लोग रहते हैं, ट्रेलरों की दरारों से चांदनी पानी की तरह भिगोती है, जो नींद से कांपती हुई प्रतीत होती है. जो लोग सो रहे हैं उनकी पलकों पर चांदनी बैठ जाती है, मानो कोई नुकसान हुआ हो उसे ठीक करने के लिए।

Amends Summary in English

Here we have uploaded the Amends Summary in English for students. This will help students to learn quickly in English and Hindi language.

On such nights, on the cool branch of the apple tree, it seems as if white stars are bursting from the bark of the tree. The moonlight slowly touches the small rocks on the ground.

The moonlight also gently touches the large stones, and it rises along with the waves of the sea. It briefly rests its cheek on the sand of the shore. It touches its tongue to the broken edge of a cliff, runs like water on rocks, and runs fast on train tracks.

Moonlight pours endlessly into the wound left by a sand and gravel mine, but can never heal. It depends on the laid-back structure of the aircraft used to drop the pesticides on the field.

Where people live, moonlight soaks like water from the cracks of the trailers, which seem to tremble from sleep. The moonlight settles on the eyelids of those who are sleeping, as if to repair some damage.

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    FAQs About Amends Summary in Hindi

    How to get Amends in Hindi Summary??

    Students can get the Amends Summary in Hindi from our page.

    Where can I get the summary of all Chapters? have uploaded the summary of all Chapters. Students can use these links to check the summary of the desired chapter.

    Importance of Amends Summary in Hindi

    • It helps students learn to determine essential ideas and consolidate important details that support them.
    • It enables students to focus on keywords and phrases of an assigned text that are worth noting and remembering.
    • It teaches students how to take a large selection of text and reduce it to the main points for more concise understanding.

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