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Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021: Download Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List UG/PG Online

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021: Download Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List UG/PG Online
Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021: Download Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List UG/PG Online

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Admission 2021 Merit List will come soon. Download Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021 for BA BSC BCOM Course under various subjects. The Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Admission 2021 Schedule for 1st year 2021 academic year courses will be announced soon. So, check the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021 along with the admission process for this year in the below article. And if you have any queries regarding the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List let us know in the comments section.

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021

The merit list of the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya will be released in an online mode on the official website of Candidates who successfully submit the application form will be eligible to check the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya merit list 2021 online. And, also check whether they have been successful in getting a place in the merit list. Only qualified candidates will be able to proceed with the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya admission process and have to appear for the counseling round. It will provide all the important details required for the candidates appearing for the counseling round. The details written on the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya merit list are the name of the candidate, the name of the course, the rank allotted to the candidate, marks secured by the candidate in the qualifying examination, instructions regarding the examination. It is advisable for the candidates that once the merit list is available, the candidate should go in full. If any information is incorrect or invalid, they should contact the admissions officers immediately. Candidates will have to bring several photocopies of the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya 2021 merit list on the day of counseling round for the final seat allocation process.

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021 Releasing Date

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit list 2021 is soon going to be released on the official website of the college We will update the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2020 Date and admission schedule as soon as it is available to us. Please do bookmark this page for latest update on Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021 and Admission Process.

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya
College Name Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya
Official Website
Merit List Name Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021
Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya 2021 Provisional Merit List Date June 2021
Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya 2021 1st Merit List Date June 2021
Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya 2021 2nd Merit List Date June 2021
Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya 2021 3rd Merit List Date June 2021
Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya 2021 4th Merit List Date July 2021
Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya 2021 5th Merit List Date July 2021
Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya 2021 Final Merit List Date July 2021

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021 for UP / PG

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya invites new applicants for admission to UG / PG courses. Those who want to get admission should check the eligibility criteria and apply for admission. In addition, the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya will publish course-wise merit lists for those who qualify for the merit list.
Once you have the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya merit list 2021, the admission process will begin. To apply for admission you need to report to the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya along with your confirmation documents and process the payments.

How to download Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021 online from

You can follow the below givens steps to download the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya merit list online from the official website of

  1. Visit the official website of Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya:
  2. Look for Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Admissions 2021.
  3. Select the course for which you want to download Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya merit list.
  4. Click on display Merit List button provided infront of Course Name.
  5. Now download the Merit List PDF and Search your Name
  6. You should take a printout of the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021 for admission process.

Documents Required for Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Admission 2021 Verification

After the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya merit list 2021 is released, the selected candidates will have to physically visit Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya for document verification. In the document verification process, candidates are required to carry the documents below on the day of reporting to the college.

  • HSC Mark Sheet (Original)
  • Leaving certificate (Original)
  • Original migration certificate (if the candidate is from other states/board)
  • Original caste certificate (if applicable)
  • Gap certificate original (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate/ Domicile (Certificate for outside of Maharashtra students)
  • PAN card photocopy
  • Aadhar card photocopy
  • Passport size photograph (2 copies)

Details Present on Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit list 2021

Candidates with their names in the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya merit list 2021 are eligible to participate in the further rounds of admission. The officers will consider the entry score of the candidates to prepare the merit list. See below the details on the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya merit list-

  • Examination roll number
  • Form number
  • Name of the candidate
  • Rank
  • Allotted college/department
  • College preference
  • Best five percentage
  • Category

About Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya, established in 1985, is a general degree college in Kalinagar. It offers undergraduate courses in arts. It is affiliated to West Bengal State University.

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya was founded in 1985 on the first day of the month of May, in one of the remote islands of the Sunderban. Now a world heritage site, the college stood as the sole torch bearer of higher education among the local tribals, caste Hindus and minorities. Riziculture & Pisciculture in the river 'Betni' is the primary occupation for most of the poverty stricken families of the island, especially after the devastating AILA cyclone.


Formerly the college was affiliated to the University of Calcutta, now it is under the West Bengal State University, Barasat. This Government Aided college has received both 2f & 12b affiliation from the University Grants Commission.


Honours Course In B.A.

Serial Number Honours Subject Elective Subject 1 Elective Subject 2
1 Bengali History Political Science
2 Bengali Political Science History
3 Bengali History Education
4 Bengali Education History
5 Bengali History Physical Education
6 Bengali Physical Education History
7 Bengali Sanskrit Political Science
8 Bengali Political Science Sanskrit
9 Bengali Sanskrit Education
10 Bengali Education Sanskrit
11 Bengali Sanskrit Physical Education
12 Bengali Physical Education Sanskrit
13 Bengali English Political Science
14 Bengali Political Science English
15 Bengali English Education
16 Bengali Education English
17 Bengali English Physical Education
18 Bengali Physical Education English
19 English Bengali Political Science
20 English Political Science Bengali
21 English Bengali Education
22 English Education Bengali
23 English Bengali Physical Education
24 English Physical Education Bengali
25 English Philosophy Political Science
26 English Political Science Philosophy
27 English Philosophy Education
28 English Education Philosophy
29 English Philosophy Physical Education
30 English Physical Education Philosophy
31 English Geography Education
32 English Education Geography
33 English Geography Political Science
34 English Political Science Geography
35 English Geography Physical Education
36 English Physical Education Geography
37 Sanskrit Bengali Political Science
38 Sanskrit Political Science Bengali
39 Sanskrit Bengali Education
40 Sanskrit Education Bengali
41 Sanskrit Bengali Physical Education
42 Sanskrit Physical Education Bengali
43 Sanskrit Philosophy Political Science
44 Sanskrit Political Science Philosophy
45 Sanskrit Philosophy Education
46 Sanskrit Education Philosophy
47 Sanskrit Philosophy Physical Education
48 Sanskrit Physical Education Philosophy
49 Sanskrit Geography Political Science
50 Sanskrit Political Science Geography
51 Sanskrit Geography Education
52 Sanskrit Education Geography
53 Sanskrit Geography Physical Education
54 Sanskrit Physical Education Geography
55 History Political Science Bengali
56 History Bengali Political Science
57 History Bengali Education
58 History Education Bengali
59 History Bengali Physical Education
60 History Physical Education Bengali
61 History Philosophy Political Science
62 History Political Science Philosophy
63 History Philosophy Education
64 History Education Philosophy
65 History Philosophy Physical Education
66 History Physical Education Philosophy
67 History Geography Political Science
68 History Political Science Geography
69 History Geography Education
70 History Education Geography
71 History Geography Physical Education
72 History Physical Education Geography
73 Education History Bengali
74 Education Bengali History
75 Education History Philosophy
76 Education Philosophy History
77 Education History Geography
78 Education Geography History
79 Education Sanskrit Bengali
80 Education Bengali Sanskrit
81 Education Sanskrit Philosophy
82 Education Philosophy Sanskrit
83 Education Sanskrit Geography
84 Education Geography Sanskrit
85 Education English Bengali
86 Education Bengali English
87 Education English Philosophy
88 Education Philosophy English
89 Education English Geography
90 Education Geography English
91 Philosophy History Political Science
92 Philosophy Political Science History
93 Philosophy History Education
94 Philosophy Education History
95 Philosophy History Physical Education
96 Philosophy Physical Education History
97 Philosophy Sanskrit Political Science
98 Philosophy Political Science Sanskrit
99 Philosophy Sanskrit Education
100 Philosophy Education Sanskrit
101 Philosophy Sanskrit Physical Education
102 Philosophy Physical Education Sanskrit
103 Philosophy English Political Science
104 Philosophy Political Science English
105 Philosophy English Education
106 Philosophy Education English
107 Philosophy English Physical Education
108 Philosophy Physical Education English
109 Geography History Political Science
110 Geography Political Science History

Honours Course In B.Sc.

Serial Number Honours Subject Elective Subject 1 Elective Subject 2
111 Geography Political Science Computer Science
112 Geography Computer Science Political Science
113 Geography Economics Political Science
114 Geography Political Science Economics
115 Geography Economics Computer Science
116 Geography Computer Science Economics

General Course In B.A.

Sl.No. Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 3
117 Bengali History Political Science
118 Bengali Political Science History
119 Political Science History Bengali
120 Political Science Bengali History
121 History Political Science Bengali
122 History Bengali Political Science
123 Bengali Sanskrit Political Science
124 Bengali Political Science Sanskrit
125 Sanskrit Political Science Bengali
126 Sanskrit Bengali Political Science
127 Political Science Bengali Sanskrit
128 Political Science Sanskrit Bengali
129 Bengali English Political Science
130 Bengali Political Science English
131 English Political Science Bengali
132 English Bengali Political Science
133 Political Science Bengali English
134 Political Science English Bengali
135 Education History Bengali
136 Education Bengali History
137 History Bengali Education
138 History Education Bengali
139 Bengali Education History
140 Bengali History Education
141 Education Sanskrit Bengali
142 Education Bengali Sanskrit
143 Sanskrit Bengali Education
144 Sanskrit Education Bengali
145 Bengali Education Sanskrit
146 Bengali Sanskrit Education
147 Education English Bengali
148 Education Bengali English
149 English Bengali Education
150 English Education Bengali
151 Bengali Education English
152 Bengali English Education
153 Political Science History Philosophy
154 Political Science Philosophy History
155 History Philosophy Political Science
156 History Political Science Philosophy
157 Philosophy Political Science History
158 Philosophy History Political Science
159 Political Science Sanskrit Philosophy
160 Political Science Philosophy Sanskrit
161 Sanskrit Philosophy Political Science
162 Sanskrit Political Science Philosophy
163 Philosophy Political Science Sanskrit
164 Philosophy Sanskrit Political Science
165 Political Science English Philosophy
166 Political Science Philosophy English
167 English Philosophy Political Science
168 English Political Science Philosophy
169 Philosophy Political Science English
170 Philosophy English Political Science
171 Education History Philosophy
172 Education Philosophy History
173 History Philosophy Education
174 History Education Philosophy
175 Philosophy Education History
176 Philosophy History Education
177 Education Sanskrit Philosophy
178 Education Philosophy Sanskrit
179 Sanskrit Philosophy Education
180 Sanskrit Education Philosophy
181 Philosophy Education Sanskrit
182 Philosophy Sanskrit Education
183 Education English Philosophy
184 Education Philosophy English
185 English Philosophy Education
186 English Education Philosophy
187 Philosophy Education English
188 Philosophy English Education
189 Physical Education History Bengali
190 Physical Education Bengali History
191 Physical Education History Philosophy
192 Physical Education Philosophy History
193 Physical Education Sanskrit Bengali
194 Physical Education Bengali Sanskrit
195 Physical Education Sanskrit Philosophy
196 Physical Education Philosophy Sanskrit
197 Physical Education English Bengali
198 Physical Education Bengali English
199 Physical Education English Philosophy
200 Physical Education Philosophy English

General Course In B.A.

Sl.No Course Dsc1 Dsc2 Dsc3
201 B.Sc.Gen. Geography Computer Science Economics
202 B.Sc.Gen. Geography Economics Computer Science
203 B.Sc.Gen. Economics Geography Computer Science
204 B.Sc.Gen. Economics Computer Science Geography
205 B.Sc.Gen. Computer Science Geography Economics
206 B.Sc.Gen. Computer Science Economics Geography


Conclusion on Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List

Students should know that there will be no entrance exam for admission to Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya. Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Admission 2021 is therefore entirely based on the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List. To get admission in Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya, students need to get a good score in his 12th class board exam. Students should always check the official website of Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya -

FAQs About Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021

Q: Which is the official website of Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya?

The official website of Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya is Students can visit here for admission details.

Q: How to download Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021?

Students can download the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List for all courses from the links provided above.

Q: How to get admission in Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya?

Students can get admission to Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya on the basis of their names present in the Merit List 2021 as released by the college.

Q: When will Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List going to be released?

Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya Merit List 2021 is going to be released as per the dates mentioned by the Kalinagar Mahavidyalaya. Students can check these dates in this article.


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