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Vocation Summary in Marathi & English Free Online

Vocation Summary in Marathi PDF
Vocation Summary in Marathi

Vocation Summary in Marathi: In this article, we will provide all students with a summary of Vocation in Marathi. Also, in this article, we will also provide Vocation Summary in Marathi for ease of students. Our only goal is to help students prepare for the upcoming exams. We have extracted a summary of all chapters of and have uploaded them in English and Marathi for easy understanding and quick learning. If you have questions regarding the Vocation Summary in Marathi please let us know in the comments.

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Vocation Summary in Marathi

Students can check below the Vocation Summary in Marathi. Students can bookmark this page for future preparation of exams.

'व्होकेशन' ही कविता रवींद्रनाथ टागोर यांनी लिहिलेली आहे ज्यामध्ये एक मूल त्याच्या इच्छा आणि आकांक्षांबद्दल बोलतो. हे मुलाच्या मनाची निरागसता दर्शवते; तो त्याच्या सभोवतालच्या लोकांच्या मार्गांकडे कसा आकर्षित होतो. त्यांना त्यांच्या खडतर दिनचर्येची जाणीव नाही. मुलामध्ये सांसारिक ज्ञानाचा अभाव असतो.

मुलगा सकाळी आपल्या शाळेला चालला होता. एक फेरीवाला त्याच्या गल्लीत बांगड्या विकताना दिसला. फेरीवाला घाई न करता स्वतःच्या इच्छेनुसार एका ठिकाणाहून दुसऱ्या ठिकाणी गेला. फेरीवाला कोणताही रस्ता धरून त्याला पाहिजे तेव्हा घरी परत येऊ शकतो. त्याच्यावर कोणतेही बंधन नव्हते. मुक्त आणि आनंदी राहण्यासाठी मुलाला फेरीवाला व्हायचे होते.

दुपारी मुलगा शाळेतून परतला. त्याला घराबाहेर एक माळी दिसली. तो आपल्या कुदळीने जमीन खोदत होता. त्याचे कपडे मातीने माखलेले होते आणि तो उन्हात काम करत होता. कोणीही त्याला रोखण्याचा प्रयत्न केला नाही आणि तो आपल्या इच्छेनुसार काम करत राहिला. मुलाला त्याच्यासारखे व्हायचे होते, जेणेकरून कोणीही त्याला जमीन खोदल्याबद्दल शिक्षा देऊ शकत नाही. त्याला मातीने पैसे द्यायचे होते.

संध्याकाळी अंधार पडल्यावर मुलाची आई त्याला झोपायला पाठवते. ती त्याला झोपायला सांगते. मुलाने त्याच्या खिडकीतून एक चौकीदार पाहिला. तो वर-खाली चालत होता. रस्ता अंधार आणि एकटा होता, पण चौकीदाराला कोणीही अडवले नाही. पहारेकरी कंदील घेऊन सावली सोबत चालू लागला. त्याला झोप आली नाही. मुलाला वॉचमन व्हायचे होते, रात्रभर रस्त्यावरून कोणत्याही बंधनाशिवाय फिरायचे.

Vocation Summary in English

Here we have uploaded the Vocation Summary in English for students. This will help students to learn quickly in English and Marathi language.

'Vocation' is a poem written by Rabindranath Tagore in which a child talks about his desires and aspirations. It shows the innocence of the child's mind; How he is attracted to the ways of the people around him. They are not aware of their tough routine. The child lacks worldly knowledge.

The boy was walking to his school in the morning. A peddler was seen selling bangles in his alley. The hawker went from one place to another without hurrying. The hawker can take any route and return home whenever he wants. There were no restrictions on him. The boy wanted to be a peddler to be free and happy.

The boy returned from school in the afternoon. He saw a gardener outside the house. He was digging the ground with his spade. His clothes were covered with mud and he was working in the sun. No one tried to stop him, and he kept doing what he wanted. The boy wanted to be like him, so that no one could punish him for digging the ground. He wanted to pay for the soil.

When it gets dark in the evening, the boy's mother sends him to bed. She tells him to sleep. The boy saw a watchman through his window. He was walking up and down. The road was dark and lonely, but no one stopped the watchman. The guard took the lantern and started walking with the shadow. He could not sleep. The boy wanted to be a watchman, walking the streets all night without any restrictions.

Class 8 English Chapters and Poems Summary in Marathi

FAQs About Vocation Summary in Marathi

How to get Vocation in Marathi Summary??

Students can get the Vocation Summary in Marathi from our page.

Where can I get the summary of all Chapters? have uploaded the summary of all Chapters. Students can use these links to check the summary of the desired chapter.

Importance of Vocation Summary in Marathi

  • It helps students learn to determine essential ideas and consolidate important details that support them.
  • It enables students to focus on keywords and phrases of an assigned text that are worth noting and remembering.
  • It teaches students how to take a large selection of text and reduce it to the main points for more concise understanding.


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