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The Victory Summary in English & Hindi Free Online

The Victory Summary in English PDF
The Victory Summary in English

The Victory Summary in English: In this article, we will provide all students with a summary of The Victory in English. Also, in this article, we will also provide The Victory Summary in English for ease of students. Our only goal is to help students prepare for the upcoming exams. We have extracted a summary of all chapters of and have uploaded them in English and English for easy understanding and quick learning. If you have questions regarding the The Victory Summary in English please let us know in the comments.

The Victory Summary in English


The Victory








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The Victory Summary in English

Here we have uploaded the The Victory Summary in English for students. This will help students to learn quickly in English and English language.

Alexander aspired to conquer the world. He ordered his brave generals to move towards India. The army crossed the Himalayan mountains. They entered India and reached the Indus River. He defeated King Puru and took him captive.

Then Alexander rode on his horse. He saw women and children mourning. He didn't show any pity for them. Rather he was proud of his victory. Then he went towards the forest. He found some Indian saints performing a yajna on the banks of the Indus river. There were no clothes on the upper half of his body.

Alexander's chief general brought thick blankets and heaps of woolen clothes. His convoy stopped near the saints. The saints ignored the presence of Alexander. Alexander introduced himself to a saint. The saint wanted to know from him what he (Alexander) wanted from him (the saint). Sikandar told the saint that he had conquered his country. He wants to give blankets and clothes to the naked saints. The saint called him a robber and said that he is not a winner or a donor.

The saint preached to Sikandar to win the hearts of the countrymen through love. Only then will he be able to conquer the world. Whatever he (Sikander) wants, they (saints) are ready to give him. The feeling of guilt made Alexander sad and ashamed. He bowed down to the saint and returned to his camp with his convoy. Alexander decided to stop fighting further, he freed King Puru. He also postponed plans to conquer other parts of India in the future.

The Victory Summary in Hindi

Students can check below the The Victory Summary in Hindi. Students can bookmark this page for future preparation of exams.

सिकंदर ने संसार को जीतने की इच्छा की। उसने भारत की तरफ बढ़ने के लिए अपने वीर जनरलों को आदेश दिया। सेना ने हिमालय पर्वतों को पार किया। वे भारत में घुस गए और सिन्धु नदी पर पहुंचे। उसने राजा पुरू को हरा दिया और उसे बंदी बना लिया।

फिर सिकंदर अपने घोड़े पर सवार हुआ। उसने महिलाओं और बच्चों को विताप करते देखा। उसने उनके ऊपर कोई तरस नहीं दिखाया। बल्कि वह अपनी विजय पर गर्वित हुआ। फिर वह जंगल की तरफ गया। उसने सिन्धु नदी के किनारे कुछ भारतीय संतों को यज्ञ करते पाया। उनके ऊपर वाले आधे शरीर पर वस्त्र नहीं थे।

सिकंदर का मुख्य जनरल मोटे कम्बलों और ऊनी कपड़ों के ढेर ले आया। उनका काफिला, संतों के नजदीक रुक गया। संतों ने सिकंदर की उपस्थिति को अनदेखा कर दिया। सिकंदर ने एक संत को अपना परिचय दिया। संत उससे जानना चाहता था कि उसे (सिकंदर को), उस (संत) से क्या चाहिए। सिकंदर ने संत को बताया कि उसने उनके देश को जीत लिया है। वह नंगे संतों को कम्बल और कपड़े देना चाहता है। संत ने उसे लुटेरा कहकर पुकारा और कहा कि वह विजेता या दानी नहीं है।

संत ने सिकंदर को उपदेश दिया कि प्यार द्वारा देशवासियों के दिलों को जीते। तभी वह विश्व को जीत पाएगा। जो कुछ उसे (सिकंदर को) चाहिए, वे (संत) उसे देने के लिए तैयार हैं। अपराध की भावना ने सिकंदर को दुखी और लज्जित कर दिया। उसने संत को प्रणाम किया और अपने काफिले के साथ अपने शिविर में लौट गया। सिकंदर ने आगे युद्ध करने को बन्द करने का निर्णय लिया, उसने राजा पुरू को मुक्त कर दिया। उसने भारत के दूसरे भागों को भविष्य में जीतने की योजना भी स्थगित कर दिया।

FAQs About The Victory Summary in English

How to get The Victory in English Summary??

Students can get the The Victory Summary in English from our page.

Where can I get the summary of all Chapters? have uploaded the summary of all Chapters. Students can use these links to check the summary of the desired chapter.

Importance of The Victory Summary in English

  • It helps students learn to determine essential ideas and consolidate important details that support them.
  • It enables students to focus on keywords and phrases of an assigned text that are worth noting and remembering.
  • It teaches students how to take a large selection of text and reduce it to the main points for more concise understanding.

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