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Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in English & Hindi Free Online

Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in English PDF
Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in English

Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in English: In this article, we will provide all students with a summary of Rikki Tikki Tawi in English. Also, in this article, we will also provide Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in English for ease of students. Our only goal is to help students prepare for the upcoming exams. We have extracted a summary of all chapters of and have uploaded them in English and English for easy understanding and quick learning. If you have questions regarding the Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in English please let us know in the comments.

Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in English


Rikki Tikki Tawi








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Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in English

Here we have uploaded the Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in English for students. This will help students to learn quickly in English and English language.

Teddy was a ten year old boy. Once, he found a mango lying wet on the grass of his garden. It had rained heavily throughout the night. Teddy thought that Sue might have died in the rain. He called his mother to bury him. But Teddy was found alive.

Teddy's family rescued the little creature and it became their favorite pet. Soon, he mingled with the family and became a part of it.

One morning, a mongoose named Rikki Tikki Tawi saw a nag and a serpent in the garden of the house. He was young so he thought not to fight with Nag and Naagin when they are together.

He knew they were a danger to the family so he was now more cautious in his night walks. One night, he heard some strange sound coming from the bathroom drain. He went there and heard Nag and Nagin saying that they will kill all the three people of the house and then the mongoose will leave from there and then they will live happily.

The mongoose attacked the serpent and fought with him bravely. Hearing the sound from the bathroom, today's father came there and made the snake smaller which was big and poisonous. Teddy's mother washes Ricky's wounds with medicine. Now the family loved Rikki Tikki Tawi more than ever.

Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in Hindi

Students can check below the Rikki Tikki Tawi Summary in Hindi. Students can bookmark this page for future preparation of exams.

टेडी दस साल का छोटा लड़का था। एक बार, उसने एक आम को अपने बगीचे की घास पर गीला पड़ा हुआ पाया। रात भर तेज बारिश हुई थी। टेडी ने सोचा कि शायद बारिश में सू की वजह से उसकी मौत हुई होगी। उसने उसे दफनाने के लिए अपनी मां को बुलाया। लेकिन टेडी जिंदा पाया गया।

टेडी के परिवार ने छोटे जीव को बचाया और वह उनका प्रिय पालतू बन गया। जल्द ही, वह परिवार के साथ घुलमिल गया और इसका हिस्सा बन गया।

एक सुबह, रिक्की टिक्की तवी नाम के नेवले ने घर के बगीचे में एक नाग और नागिन को देखा। वह छोटा था इसलिए उसने सोचा कि जब वे एक साथ हों तो नाग और नागिन से न लड़ें।

वह जानता था कि वे परिवार के लिए खतरा हैं इसलिए वह अब रात की सैर में अधिक सतर्क था। एक रात, उसने बाथरूम के नाले से कुछ अजीब आवाज सुनी। उसने वहां जाकर नाग और नागिन को यह कहते सुना कि वे घर के तीनों लोगों को मार डालेंगे और फिर नेवले वहां से चले जाएंगे और फिर वे सुख से रहेंगे।

नेवले ने नाग पर आक्रमण किया और उससे बहादुरी से युद्ध किया। बाथरूम से आवाज सुनकर आज के पिता वहां आए और नाग को छोटा कर दिया जो बड़ा और जहरीला था। टेडी की माँ ने दवा से रिक्की के घाव धोए। अब परिवार रिक्की टिक्की तवी को पहले से ज्यादा प्यार करता था।

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